Frequency Specific Microcurrent
Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a novel pain management tool based on energy medicine, which is reemerging in the new millennium. It was already in use, as were other energy medicine modalities, at the turn of the century before the onset of drug therapy. But energy medicine is enjoying a sell-deserved comeback as we move past Newtonian models of science into quantum physics. In the world after Einstein, it has been acknowledged that energy and matter are one and the same. Dr. Fine added FSM to her treatment arsenal after discovering that most of her patients were coming to her to get out of pain, and this was the most effective, least invasive, and quickest way to help them.

FSM is painless, effective, and noninvasive. It is ideal for chronic pain syndromes like fibromyalgia and repetive strain injuries such as tendonitis. It works extremely well for acute injuries like those seen in sports medicine, auto accidents, and falls. In fact, the professional sports franchises led by the NFL are now integrating FSM into their sports injuries protocols because of its accelerated healing properties. Lance Armstrong and his teammates at the U.S. Postal Team used FSM at night during the last Tour de France and were the envy of the other teams. 

The frequencies work on the principle of biologic resonance, which states that each cell, tissue and organ has an ideal resonant frequency that organizes its activities. The main effects of FSM are:
  • Increases ATP (energy currency of the body)
  • Restores normal cell membrane stability
  • Normalizes the rate of cellular metabolism, protein synthesis, and waste product removal
  • Energizes the patient's bioelectric field in beneficial ways
Research supports substantial reductions in blood levels of inflammatory chemicals without the side effects seen in conventional drugs such as Vioxx.

For chronic pain conditions a series of treatments is recommended. For acute problems, fewer sessions will be needed. Most patients report feeling relaxed and energized after a treatment which typically lasts 30-40 minutes.

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