Genomics and SNP Testing
Medical director Anne Marie Fine, NMD, was an early adopter of genomics testing for DNA-related health issues and wellness plans. Since 2001, she has tested her patients for a wide panel of SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) that reveal various genetic linkages inherited through their family medical history.

FAQs about Genomics Testing

What is genomics testing in naturopathic medicine? It is the same as in other practices -- a blood chemistry test that looks for certain markers in your DNA, the "code of life." It must be administered and evaluated by your naturopathic physician in an office visit.

What kind of markers does it look for in my DNA? Called SNPs (standing for single nucleotide polymorphisms), these are places in the chemical composition of your DNA where you differ from others, creating a unique profile. They can be genes that play a role in immune system function, aging and longevity, cardiovascular strength and a range of other health matters.

Will they examine my entire genome? No, this would be extremely costly. But here are some common profiles that a naturopathic physician might order for you, depending on your personal health concerns:

  • EstroGenomic Profile - a panel of SNPs that regulate the female hormones, bone health and osteoporosis. 
  • DetoxiGenomic Profile - identifies susceptibility to environmental toxins and adverse drug reactions. 
  • ImmunoGenomic Profile - evaluates your genes that modulate immune and inflammatory activity. 
  • NeuroGenomic Profile - looks at SNPs involved in brain and nerve function such as those that are factors in methylation, glutathione conjugation and oxidative protection. 
  • OsteoGenomic Profile - identifies markers known to contribute to good bone formation and inflammation, including key regulatory mechanicisms affecting your calcium and vitamin D3 metabolisms. 

Why diagnose a condition that is "in the genes" and inevitable? This is a common attitude, but the pessimism is not warranted. The answer is, so that you can take steps to correct or postpone the onset of the condition. This is a very positive -- and hot -- area of health care known as "genetic risk assessment for proactive intervention." It used to be that most risk assessment was based on life style and blood chemistry results. Now, with genetic profiling, ordinary persons can take their health into their own hands and pursue a personalized health plan that relies on the"language of nature" in their bodies.

Learn about DNA and order a DNA Ancestry Test at DNA Testing Systems. 

Visit the website of the medical laboratory Genova Diagnostics which Fine Center for Natural Medicine partners with for the processing of SNP tests. 

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