Customer Testimonials
Treating what was untreatable
"I am a retired professor who worked for  years in a 'sick' building on a university campus in Georgia. One of my colleagues died from the toxic black mold in the walls and air ducts of the building. I was lucky enough to escape and move to the Southwest at my doctor's suggestion. But no one was very sanguine about treating my scarred lungs and Stachybotrys infection. 

"Although initially hesitant about naturopathic physicians, I went to Dr. Fine on the strong urging of a family friend. I found her questonnaires extremely thorough, and listening skills exceptional. I could see she wanted to treat the whole person with a plan one had to really buy into. 

"To make a long story short, she initiated an eight week course of microcurrent therapy for my impaired lungs. At the same time, she developed an overall health plan focussing on getting me off a pharmaceutical industry nightmare regimen of Diovan, Lipitor and several other synthetics, substituting natural remedies instead. She even beat my primary care physician to the punch in diagnosing me as pre-diabetic and getting me on a natural anti-diabetic medicine. 

"I am breathing a lot better, a lot deeper today. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels are now much reduced, and I no longer experience the side effects of the synthetics. Thanks to Dr. Fine's nutrigenomics advice, my diet was revolutionized and I have much more energy. Because of her knowledge, I am on the way to eliminating a lot of the toxins I would otherwise be exposed to in my household, office and outdoor environment.

"If I have learned one thing, it is your health is an accumulation of burdens on your body. It is foolish to think you can relieve one source -- say stress, or weight, or high blood pressure -- and regain energy and vitality.  You need a totally integrated health plan. I believe Dr. Fine is the best qualified in the Valley for such a service." --Name withheld

A complete turnaround
"Dr. Fine is an excellent physician. I came to her office after years of struggling with insomnia and a lack of energy. I thought I had chronic fatigue or something worse. Nothing I treied seemed to work. I wanted a holistic approach -- someone who factored in everything from genetics to stress to emotional trauma, and I was amazed at how much time Dr. Fine took with me to get to the source of my unhealthiness. With ongoing consultations, she altered my diet and placed me on the correct supplements. What a huge difference it made! I experienced a complete turnaround -- more energy, better sleep, and a centeredness to enjoy all life had to offer. I highly recommend her services." --Mel Sellick

Life extending, perhaps life saving
"She really produces results! In my own case, by following her regimen of diet, supplements, and exercise, I was able to lower my cholesterol by 40 points in eight weeks. What she was able to do for my 87-year-old diabetic father, by cleaning up a complete thrombosis on the main vein going into his liver, was nothing less than life saving and certainly life extending. She is extremely conscientious, thorough, personal, and insightful. She asks you to take responsibility for your health. She gives you the road map and all the support you need, coaching and monitoring you closely as you achieve your personal health goals. She has my highest possible personal and professional endorsement!" --Bob Quick

A debilitating disease
"I have had joint problems and a weakend immune systems for many years. I had prostate cancer in 1996, resulting in surgery. I lived in Florida from 1997 to 2003, and my general health deteriorated. I was in contact with Dr. Fine, who advised me that the mold, mildew and humidity of Florida did not agree with my weakend immune systems and I should move to a drier climate.

"I then developed PMR (polymyalgia rhematica), a disease with debilitating pain. I consulted a Florida rheumatologist, who told me that a course of steroids was the only treatment for it, and it could take up to two years. Some sufferers took the steroids for much longer. I hate taking drugs of any kind, especially steroids, with all their dangerous side effects. The pain was so intense, I felt I had no choice. I started the treatment in Florida and then moved to Arizona.

"I found a new rheumatologist in Scottsdale and consulted Dr. Fine, who told me her goal was to get me off the steroids in less than a year with a full recovery. I followed the regimen she prescribed and was free of them in seven months. I was so grateful! The rheumatologist (who had been aware of Dr. Fine's involvement and had consulted with her) was amazed. He had never seen such a quick recovery from PMR. It has been a year since I have stopped taking the steroids. Under Dr. Fine's continued care to strengthen my immune system, the disease has not returned.

"Dr. Fine truly has the knowledge, skill and caring to seek the correct treatment for each of her patients. She is certainly an asset to the Scottsdale healthcare community." -- Richard F.

Passionate about finding natural ways
"I have been suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome for many years, probably most of my adult life. After many medical tests and many different doctors, I always came away with no real answers and no support for a very real problem. I am 58, a breast cancer survivor and therefore very concerned about what I take into my body.

"I called Dr. Fine to find out if she had any expertise with IBS. "Sue," she said, "This is your lucky day." It turned out she has helped many patients with this problem. She assured me she could help me. I have been receiving 45-minute microcurrent treatments that work like acupuncture to soothe the nervous tension in my digestive tract. I have received six treatments to date and am virtually without any spasms or pain. I am also working with her on food allergies to see what role they are playing in my health, and trying new ways to relieve stress. I am very encouraged and feel I am finally on the path to wellness.

"Dr. Fine is very knowledgeable and passionate about finding natural ways to wellness. I am fortunate to have found her and look forward to working with her to restore wellness in my life."  --Sue Grantham

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